5 Step Cycling Training Programs for Boosting Cycling Endurance

One of the most common cycling training program for improving your cycling endurance is riding over long distances periodically and systematically. This cycling training program is aimed at building your muscles strength and and improving your cardiovascular system so that you will have good oxygen uptake, body recovery and to build up your leg muscles strength. In this article, you will learn about a cycling training plan that will help you to boost your cycling endurance.I have broken down this cycling training program into 5 steps for easier understanding. Here are the 5 steps;1. Determine your target distance.If your reason for training is so as to compete in a long distance cycling race, then your target distance is the distance of your race. So whatever your reason, determine an average distance of how far you would like to ride.2.Select a route that is almost similar to your cycling route.If the route you are training for is hilly at some parts and flat in other areas, then you should look for similar routes and train in such routes. This will help you to adapt easily when you go and ride in that specific cycling route.3. Ride a 1/3 or 1/2 of the distance.To begin your training, start by riding a proportion of your total target distance. This means that you should ride for example, 1/2 or 1/3 of the total distance you are targeting. You should do this so as to build up your cycling endurance easily. Ride over this distance at a constant pace, not necessarily at a high speed, but at a speed you can maintain consistently.4. Repeat this cycling training program weekly.You should then repeat this cycling exercise weekly. As you repeat this cycling exercise, you should aim to increase the distance you cover each week by a small margin, as you build up to your target distance.This can be done by increasing the distance by, for example, 5% your target distance each week.5. Reduce your cycling distance and intensity periodically.After every 4 – 5 weeks of training, reduce the distance and intensity you ride so that you can be avoid burnout and to let your body recover.One thing you should never forget is that, you should never over do any cycling workout. If you feel a cycling workout is too strenuous, just reduce its intensity, by for example reducing the distance covered or interval time. Always make sure that you are comfortable with whichever cycling training program you undertake.